BeActive® Brace FAQ's

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What size leg fits the brace?

12.5 inches to 18 inches. The Velcro adheres to the neoprene well past the velcro base. It is worn right below the knee. The "R" on top for the right leg, the L on top on the Left leg.

What is the difference between the "Regular" and the "Premium or Deluxe" Be Active® Brace?

The "Premium" is made of a more durable neoprene fabric with small ventilation holes in the fabric for more comfort.

What is the BeActive® made of?

80% Neoprene and 20% Polyester. If you are allergic to neoprene, do not wear this and discontinue use.

What makes the BeActive® Work?

The brace itself does not provide the relief. It is the pressure cushion pressing on the "correct" pressure point on the outer part of the calf muscle. We call it "5 o'clock" on the right leg or "7 o'clock" on the left as seen in the commercial on the website. When you apply the brace, it is most important to adjust the brace to get the cushion on the "correct" spot.

How long do I wear the BeActive®?

As long as you want pain relief. The brace is not a cure. You need to be applying the pressure to the correct point on the outer muscle of the calf to get relief. Initially do not wear for more than 2 hours, to get used to it, then wear as long as you feel comfortable.

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