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"I have suffered with sciatica and other nerve pain in my right leg for 12 years and in my left leg for about 8 years I'm not a real big believer in products on TV but after surgery didn't fully work and other things that I've tried and failed even using opium pain medication to relieve my pain sometimes doesn't even work I decided to buy your product and I'm really glad that I did after about 15 minutes the first time I tried it my pain on my right side was diminished by about 80 to 90% and after about an hour of wearing the brace I was completely pain free for the first time in about 12 years thank you for coming up with such a wonderful device. I am currently standing in my kitchen cooking and enjoying being pain free without pain medication again thank you"

"Absolutely, positively, AMAZING! Not only did the BeActive brace virtually eliminate the discomfort I was having in my left-side lower back -- it also relieved some other pains I am having. Thank you so very, very much!"

"LOVE MY BEACTIVE! I have multiple issues and was on pain medication. I cannot take them due to gastric bypass surgery so it is an issue for me to just be alive some days I swear. I bought this BeActive thinking it is bull but what do I have to lose? Call me crazy but I can tell the difference. My issues are mostly right side but some days I get that awful sciatic twinge on the left side and today, day 2 of having this product, and it still is eased off!"

"BEACTIVE BRACE IS WONDERFUL! I just wanted to tell you that the Beactive brace is amazing! I wouldn't know what i would without it now that i have been wearing it for a week. I forgot to put it on this morning before leaving the house and couldn't wait to get home to put it on. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!!!"

"Hello, First I would like to say, I order the be active brace a few weeks ago, and it works great, I let a friend of mine use one and he said it worked great, well to make a long story short, I have some friends that want the brace and asked me if I could order for them, I started to order them but it will only allow 2 sets, can I order 5 sets? It works that well!"

"I just had to write and tell you about your product! I had seen the advertisement on TV and was thinking about getting one for my sciatica nerve pain. I can't tell you just how surprised I was at the quick pain relief. While talking to a friend in another state, she said she was going to get one for herself and her husband......again with the instant relief! She, in turn, told their Preacher's wife. My husband told his nephew the following day. We then told another friend here, who bought one for herself and is going to buy one for her son also. I have now told a pregnant friend to keep your product in mind in a few months if her lower back hurts.

All in all.......I think I am now an 'employee' of yours.......after telling so many people about the Be Active.

Thanks so much for an affordable brace that really works!!!"

"I ran with my husband for the first time in 2 years, woke up the next morning with that nagging pain in my right leg so tried the Beactive Brace that I had bought for my son - within minutes - the nagging pain was GONE. Went to bed that night and took it off and the pain was back so I even slept with it on and it worked soooo well. My teenage son is a golfer and deals with back issues - it works for him too. He proudly wears it golfing and to school! We have had so many friends and family try it with the same results - so to all the negative nelly's - perhaps you need to read the directions! This product is AWESOME!"

"I've had lower back pain – more right hip and leg pain/muscle tightness for on and off almost 20 years. With a previous leg surgery and using pain medication to manage the pain, its great to utilize this brace to manage the pain instead of medicine. I wear the brace typically one night a week and don't have to take pain meds every night. The relief after applying the brace is almost instantaneous and falling asleep is so much easier. In the past month, I've been able to move better and not have hip/leg pain on a regular basis"
- Karen

"I have had lower back and hip pain since a motorcycle accident in 1980. I have pretty consistent pain in my left lower back with radiation down to my heel at times. I have tried many therapies in the past so I thought I would try the brace. I felt immediate relief as soon as I put on the brace. The pain is not exactly gone but its muted. Also, I have less stiffness and more freedom of movement in the hip. I wear it much of the time when at work or doing errands. I notice a change in my pain when I am not wearing it. It has been remarkably effective."
- Charles

"I would like to thank you for helping me relieve my lower back and buttock pain. Because I do not run on a regular basis, I had developed lower back and buttock pain after running 3 miles which also caused me to limp. I tried your BeActive Brace and my pain was significantly reduced immediately and the limp was not as noticeable. I then wore the brace for a few more hours and the pain was completely gone. I don't understand the logic of why a brace on my calf would relieve pain on my lower back and buttock, but it really worked on both occasions that I have tried it. I would like to thank you again for helping me reduce the pain."
- Robert

"I am a sufferer of back pain due to spondylolisthesis at L-4 in my spine. I wake up in pain every morning; some mornings the pain was so bad, I had to have help in getting dressed. I was very dependent on having taken some sort of pain reliever before going to bed to actually be able to get out of bed in the morning. I workout regularly because if I didn't, I would not be able to move at all. In only a week I have found that this brace has reduced my pain significantly. I wore it on the average of about 7 hours per day and although my pain didn't go totally away, I noticed significant reduction in the pain that I felt and after several days was able to reduce the amount and frequency of pain medication administering. The brace is non invasive and is a more desirable method for pain reduction rather than having to rely on daily consumption of NSAIDS. I was able to skip some days without having to take the NSAIDS to be able to function in the morning. I am pleased with the results of the brace use and will continue to use it to keep my pain level under control."
- Mary M.

"I had lower back pain for about 2 yrs and when it got real bad the pain would shoot down the back of my leg. I did exercises which did not relieve much of the pain but when I wore the brace it helped tremendously. I wore the brace for 10 hrs a day while I was working and off at night. I noticed each day the pain was less, until it was barely noticeable. If I did not wear the brace for 2 days, the pain returned to the same spot. Thank you, I believe this product would help a lot of people with back pain."
- Mary

"My back was killing me, so I slipped your brace over my jeans. INSTANT relief. I don't know if it was a placebo or if the pain would have magically gone away without it, but I wore it for the next 30-45 minutes pain free, took it off and have been fine since. I am officially a believer."
- Joshua

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